• May 22, 2024

DC Dual Force Leader Tier List Best Leader Guide 2023

And lastly, in the A-tier, we’ve got Hal Jordan, the Green Lantern. His “Willpower” ability grants you an additional bronze resource at the start of the game, fueling your decks in DC Dual Force plays early on. While he might be limited by the pool of Green Lantern cards, his resource acceleration and potential for powerful combos make him a strong leader.

DC Dual Force Leader Tier List

And to do that, you are going to need some best fighters, and players can earn them with a proper examination of the DC Worlds Collide tier list. Our DC Worlds Collide tier list will not only rank the 50+ characters in the game right now, but also explain why exactly the best fighters are so good. Over time, we’ll piece together proper pre-made teams to take some of the guesswork out of the game, and even detail the DC Worlds Collide reroll process you can use to get the best pulls right from the start. There are a lot of leaders in the game, and each has a unique playstyle. Winning with your first deck won’t be easy, so prepare yourself to lose a decent number of games at the beginning. The real challenge is recognizing your mistakes, fine-tuning your deck, and figuring out the best strategies to help you win the game.

DC Dual Force Leaders Overview

Go through these all hero ranks, and you will know who can do the best in your gameplay by following each of them here. Doublelift had to decide between 100 Thieves’ FBI and Evil Geniuses’ Danny as the third and fourth players on his tier list. This, once again, was a tough choice for the former player.

  • Descending into the C-tier, we ‘ave Black Adam, the powerful anti-hero.
  • Flash is hard to play given his health pool, which is the lowest in the game.
  • However, my reason for not positioning him lower in the tier is that he ultimately seems a bit more flexible to me than any of the leaders below him.
  • Expect them to arrive in future updates, where they’re likely to top the DCWC tier list just from traditional power creep alone.

The fact that a leader has more than one focus will undoubtedly make that leader stand out from those who have to be much more focused when building a deck. In addition, Harley can also jump to action with just two charges and hit just as hard as Batman, which is certainly remarkable. I think the main reason people tend to see Green Arrow as a weaker leader is to think about playing him over Batman.

MIR M Beginners Guide for 2023 – By Wemade

They help deal damage to enemy leaders and also protect your leaders from taking damage. Your goal is to collect cards representing different characters/items in the DC Universe, create a deck of 40 cards, and use them to defeat the opponent. Before discussing how to play DC Dual Force, you must familiarize yourself with the board and a few key mechanics. Unlike other leaders, Black Adam doesn’t lose his attack power at the end of the turn. Although his ability takes a while to charge up, he becomes a massive threat if not answered during the early game. However, like Shazam, he takes way too long to set up and can be easily taken out before he gets to that point.

DC Dual Force Patch Notes – Closed Beta – June 16, 2023

So in theory you can create an infinite number of lightning bolts which always do 2 damage to Leaders minimum and chain. In practice it takes a long time to get online and their is not enough support to stay alive consistently whilst setting this up. The highlight level tier for this one S, but otherwise building into this needs heavy commitment for not enough pay off. It just doesn’t do enough quick enough for the game in it’s current state. The ability gives you board presence for 2 charges however their is no immediate board control when compared with the other abilities. The Savage Vines themselves do lean into some potential control and combo strategies which does 1 damage to the Leaders after every draw.